Welcome to Spray Soleil Airbrush Tanning and Skin Care Studio, where we offer the highest quality luxury tans and facial services.  We use a patented tanning solution formulated exclusively for Spray Soleil that is 100% pure, natural, organic, and features an anti orange agent to ensure the most flawless and natural tan. The primary focus for the skin care services are advanced result oriented treatments  that are administered  by highly skilled and knowledgeable Estheticians.  The products used are from top global skin care lines that are incredibly effective and yield superior results.

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My name is Marc Martinez. I am a Certified Massage Therapist with extensive training in Eastern and Western modalities from around the world. what sets me apart is that I  utilize and integrate a  combination of Clinical Deep Tissue, SHiatsu, Active Release Technique, Tui-na (Chinese Meridian Massage), Nueromuscular reeducation, reiki and Swedish massage.  My gOAL IS TO SYNERGISTICALLY BALANCE THE PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MENTAL HEALTH.   

My name is Garrett Carnegie. I am the owner of Spray Soleil Airbrush Tanning and Skin Care Studio.  I am a Licenced Esthetician and what sets me apart from others in this industry is that I have a unique and advanced perspective on how I know the skin needs to be cared for.  I am extremely passionate about what I do and I am able to break everything down and provide a thorough understanding as to what I recommend in a way that anyone can understand! The goal is to get everyone's skin hydrated, balanced, and protected and I love helping others feel empowered, happy, and gorgeous!